Monday, February 15, 2010

"Shut up already... I'll look at your art"

Gallerist Ed Winkleman and guests (persons to be recruited by Mr. Winkleman to join him, for different periods of time and varied group size) will spend a portion of his time in his gallery during #class reviewing digital images of work sent via the internet to #class by artists globally. Artists will be asked to submit a digital image of one piece of art to be reviewed by Mr. Winkleman and his guests.

The Rules (roughly):
  • Artists will submit one digital image to "Shut up already. I'll look at your art"
  • Mr. Winkleman and guests will view the image for no less than 10 sec.
  • Mr. Winkleman and guests will be monitored by a volunteer as they view the work to assure full compliance with the rules.
  • Mr. Winkleman, his guests and the Monitor will sign a certificate of viewing stating the image has been viewed
  • Mr. Winkleman and his guests will have no obligation to provide representation to any of the artists, make any comment about, or critique any of the images.
  • Once an image is viewed by Mr. Winkleman and his guests the artist cannot complain that their work is not being considered by a professional gallery for one year from the date of viewing, Mr. Winkleman and his guests will be absolved of any further obligation to take complaints by artists that their work is not being considered by a professional gallery seriously for one year from the date of viewing,
  • As Mr. Winkleman and his guests view the images, they wiil be available on the internet to be viewed.

#class is an exhibition in the form of a think tank organized by Jennifer Dalton and William Powhida. #class will feature over 50 events, discussions and performances presented in response to an open call for proposals on the topic of ambivalence about the commercial art market system.

for more info about #class and to see a schedule of event goto

for more about Winkleman Gallery visit their website @

"Shut up already. I'll look at your art"
in the spirit of Open Source and Copyleft is made up of anyone who participates, spreads the word or puts out good vibrations to the cause, and they are welcome to its authorship.

To participate and submit an image fill out the Submittal Form Here
or just spread the word to people you know worldwide


Anonymous said...

is there any means to include a brief description/commentary with the submitted work for critique? Or is this visual submissions only?


Pamela Shaw said...

I think this is fabulous. As an emerging artist, toiling away in the solitude of my studio in the evening and working days to pay for the bills so I can toil in said studio, this is very exciting. I don't know what I expect to come of this, I have lots of questions.

We, as artists, crave and in many ways need the validation that comes from showing and selling our work, but at the same time I wonder about how often emerging artists are seemingly much too concerned about "making it" in the art world, as compared to making really good work. Every time I get into a conversation with a fellow artist about their work, all they can do is talk about how to get into a gallery (not about their artwork!) and then they turn on you when you say, hey I've seen your work, why don't you check out mine and let me know what you think now that I've told you what I think about your work. What happened to the dialogue? What happened to honestly looking at your work? Maybe I'm too much of an idealist, but then again, I am participating in this experiment so what does that say about me?

"Shut Up Already I'll Look at Your Art!" said...

if you feel the need to add a description I would put the text on the image.

"making it" has a wide range of meaning, and if "making it" means having a show in chealsea there's a whole lot of creative energy that can be expended trying to "make it"

I promote the idea that "making it" should be artist making art.

Pamela Shaw said...

I totally agree with you! I'd rather spend my energy actually making art rather than trying to get my art shown at this point.

It is going to be interesting to see what your experiment yields.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the textual inclusion suggestion SHUA-IWLAYA.

Pamela keep on arting!


CJ Nye said...

So... ah.... When is this taking place? Where are we looking online when it does? How do we get to hear ourselves get reamed? How will we be notified that our work is the legit answer to Thomas Kinkade & we're getting a solo show sooner than yesterday?

"Shut Up Already I'll Look at Your Art!" said...

pst.. CJ

up there, in the top left..

Pamela S. said...

Were there any comments by Ed and William from yesterday's viewing re: specific artworks? Just curious.

Tom said...

just curious Ed - do you ever get flak from your artists for spending so much time and effort keeping the under appreciated artists of the world happy on what might be argued is their dime? I know it's your time, but I also know that artist can be really competitive for their dealers attention.

Tom said...

to clarify my previous comment after a moment of thought (this whole #class thing has lead me to the often unwise practice of airing my thoughts in public.)

Anyway, what I mean is, I think that this review site is extremely generous on your part Ed, not only because of the time and energy you clearly put into the process. I think that submission senders should be aware that this sort of openness on a galleries part almost certainly comes at a real cost to the dealer (beyond the time) and that is why very few would be so generous as to do this. I think it is helpful for artists to realize that the art world owes them nothing, one gets stuff by going out there and earning it.

Mrs. Dalloway said...

this is rad! thank you for posting. can't believe it's posted already. hope it was a fun hour for y'all.

jon said...

I love this idea and it fits perfect with a class I am teaching in Vegas "Art Business" should be interesting to see what transpires.....

Anonymous said...

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