Saturday, February 27, 2010

Session Two

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.

Nor did the aftermath of a blizzard keep Edward Winkleman from his Chelsea gallery Friday, Feb. 26th, but it did deter the person who volunteered to be the monitor for the second installment of "Shut Up Already...I'll Look at Your Art!" A participating project of #class, artists Jenifer Dalton's and William Powhida's exhibition in the form of a think tank at Winkleman Gallery. Not to be deterred from honoring his agreement to view images of works submitted via the internet for at least ten seconds, #class co-artist Jenifer Dalton stepped up to perform the duties of monitor assuring Mr. Winkleman viewed each image for a full ten seconds. Ms. Dalton sat to Mr. Winkleman's right performing the duties of the monitor and to his left a few feet away #class co-artist William Powhida scanned incoming tweets, and comments on his laptop.

Mr. Winkleman again spent much more than the required ten seconds on many of the images, thinking out loud and commenting, discussing the images with Ms. Dalton, and again Mr. Powhida would be prompted to contribute to the discussions and add comments as well. again Mr. Winkleman spent a little over an hour and viewed around 55 images.

The latest images viewed by Mr. Winkleman can be viewed on the "Shut Up Already...I'll Look at Your Art!" blog (well that's here, over there on the left) in a sideshow which displays each image for ten seconds.

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